YCIS's Year 3 Learning Community!

YCIS is delighted to announce the major renovation in the coming weeks of the 2nd floor of A Building. Once completed, this space will house our Year 3 Learning Community. The design of the learning spaces themselves has been a significant project with our teachers and school leaders collaborating with the architects at FNI, a renowned American firm in the field of educational facility design who also designed our lovely ECE Centre.


In keeping with developments in our understanding of how students learn best, YCIS has designed a flexible learning space that can cater for a full range of learning activities, including, quiet reflection, making and performing, group instruction and collaboration.
The new facility will, in many ways, simply extend some of the arrangement already in place. The Year 3 children currently split out into different groups for Literacy and Chinese and move to different spaces for specialist classes. But the new spaces will enable us to more effectively group students according to the tasks they are completing or the style of teaching they require.
There will be times where the whole year level is engaged in a project with a common “big question” and the six Year 3 Co-Teachers will work together in different spaces exploring different dimensions of the question. And there will be other times where a quite traditional model will apply with each of three classes working in a different room. What this facility provides is an enhanced opportunity for differentiation according to the children’s interests and abilities, and the chance for them to take advantage of the skills of the whole teaching team in flexible spaces designed to support the specific requirements of each task.


Stay tuned for more updates on the Year 3 Learning Community throughout the summer! For more news happening on and around the YCIS Beijing campus, please click here

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