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ClubFootball Fan Channel - English Through Football

ClubFootball Crosswords

For those looking for a stiffer test ClubFootball Crosswords provide the anwer! Designed to help familiarise you with English vocabulary whilst practising lateral thinking in a different language (They're fun too!! :-))

General football vocabulary is covered with a few basic puzzles to get you started, with themes such as the World Cup and Eurpean football to strech your football knowledge.

English Through Football activities in this category:

· World Cup
  1. World Cup 2002 Players
  2. (03/05/2002)
    Complete the puzzle using the names of some of the stars of FIFA World Cup 2002.
  3. World Cup 2002 Teams (A) (03/05/2002)
    How much do you know about the teams which played in FIFA World Cup 2002?
  4. World Cup 2002 Teams (B) (03/05/2002)
    More teams from FIFA World Cup 2002 to put your brain to the test!
  5. World Cup Stars (A) (03/05/2002)
    Since Frenchman Jules Rimet organized the first FIFA World Cup in 1930, the tournament has been the perfect stage for the best players in the world to show their skills. Test your knowledge of the stars of past World Cups by trying to complete the puzzle.
  6. World Cup Stars (B) (03/05/2002)
    Do you know your Cruyffs from your Maradonas? Your Socrates from your Rumenigges? Find out with another quiz on the stars of past FIFA World Cups.

· Football Vocabulary
  1. Football Vocabulary Learning (03/05/2002)
    Put both your footballing knowledge and your English football vocabulary to the test with an English football vocabulary crossword. The answers to the clues are all useful footballing words and phrases.

· European Competitions
  1. UEFA Champions League - General
    The UEFA European Champions' League is one of the world’s toughest football competitions. Complete the crossword to see how much you really know about Europe’s premier club competition.
  2. 2001 National Champions
    OK, so you know Manchester United won the English Premiership in 2001? But who won the Spanish Primera Liga? Or the French Championnat? Test your knowledge of the leagues of the world by completing the puzzle.

· English Football
  1. English Premiership - General
    How much do you know about the English Premiership? Put your knowledge to the test by trying to complete the puzzle.
  2. English Premiership - Players
    How much do you know about the stars who play in the English Premiership? Find out by trying to complete the puzzle.
  3. English Premiership - Grounds
    Test your knowledge of the most famous football stadiums in England by trying to complete the crossword.
  4. English Premiership - Nicknames
    The clues contain the nicknames of some of the most famous English football clubs - how many do you know?
  5. English FA Cup
    Put your knowledge of the English FA Cup, football’s oldest cup competition, to the test by trying to complete the puzzle.
  6. English Premiership Clubs - Arsenal
    Season 2001-2002 saw Arsenal win both the English Premiership title and the FA Cup for the third time in their history. How much do you know about this world-famous London club?
  7. English Premiership Clubs - Manchester United
    Over the past ten years, Manchester United have dominated English football. See how much you know about Manchester United by trying to complete the puzzle.
  8. English Premiership Clubs - Liverpool
    Liverpool are one of the most successful clubs in European football history. Put your footballing brains to the test, and find out how much you know about this proud club.

· Italian football
  1. Italian Serie A - General
    The Italian Serie A is one of the most glamorous and exciting leagues in the world. Test your knowledge of this world-famous league by trying to complete the puzzle.
  2. Italian Serie A - Players
    How much do you know about the galaxy of stars who play in the Italian Serie A championship? Find out by trying to complete the puzzle.

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