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ClubFootball Fan Channel - Feature Articles

Legendary Teams

Articles paying tribute to teams that have accomplished something extraodinary during their generation. From 1872 to the present day!

Feature articles in this category:

Dinamo Teach Britain A Lesson, 1945 - Ben Lyttleton, January 2004

Britain failed to learn from Dinamo Moscow's innovative tactical methods during their four-game successful tour of 1945. Ben Lyttleton explains why it took over eight years for the lessons to make their impact.

Hats Off To Mr Pentland (Athletic Bilbao, Spain) - Luke Gossett, January 2004

Athletic Bilbao won two league titles, four Cup finals and numerous friends while eccentric Englishman Fred Pentland coached them in the early 1930s. Luke Gosset reports on the hat-wearing wine-lover still held in high regard in Bilbao.

Zambia's new 'Dream Team' - Mark Gleeson, October 2004

A new team of youngsters, moulded by Zambia’s living footballing legend Kalusha Bwalya, is slowly emerging as successors to the “dream team” tag which belonged to the generation of the early 1990s, tragically killed in an air craft crash just over a decade ago.

Cameroon 1990 - Ben Lyttleton, June 2003

In terms of the general quality of football played, Italia 90 was a big disappointment. But the tournament marked a watershed in the global development of football. Ben Lyttleton looks at the emergence of the African continent on the international football scene, and in particular, Cameroon’s brilliant performance in 1990.

Wimbledon 1988 - Ben Lyttleton, July 2003

When Wimbledon stunned Liverpool to win the 1988 FA Cup final, commentator John Motson described it as "a victory for the Crazy Gang over the Culture Club". Ben Lyttleton looks at the unlikely team that somehow summed up the feeling of the time in late '80s Britain.

Dick, Kerr Ladies 1921 - Ben Lyttleton, July 2003

When Englishmen went off to fight World War I in 1914, women were thrown into traditional male roles at home, at work and on the sports field. Nowhere was this gender shift more apparent than at a Preston factory owned by two Scots, WB Dick and John Kerr, where tramway and railway equipment was made.

USA Women 1996 - By Ben Lyttleton, July 2003

Over 40 million American fans saw Brandi Chastain score from the penalty spot to clinch a 5-4 shoot-out win over China in the Women's World Cup final on July 10, 1999. Then-President Bill Clinton was among the 90,000 fans at Pasadena's Rose Bowl and hailed the US team as "warriors and heroes".

Ajax 1973 - By Ben Lyttleton, August 2003

Thirty years after the Dutch invented 'total football' Ben Lyttleton examines the influence of Holland's flat landscape on this groundbreaking new footballing philosophy.

Scotland 1872 - By Ben Lyttleton, September 2003

Scotland played a 'passing and running' game, and in 1872, the English had never seen anything like it. Ben Lyttleton looks at the culture behind the style of football that we now all take for granted.

Dynamo Kiev 1973-98 - By Ben Lyttleton, September 2003

Valery Lobanovsky led Dynamo Kiev to eight Soviet titles, six Soviet Cups, five Ukrainian titles, two Ukrainian Cups and two European Cup Winners' Cups. In three spells at the club spanning three decades, he became legendary for his temper and for his method.

West Germany 1954 - By Ben Lyttleton, October 2003

"The unifying mission of sport," espoused Gustav Wiederkehr, President of the Swiss FA in 1950, will help West Germany and they should be accepted into FIFA. Ben Lyttleton explores how their consequent victory in the 1954 World Cup helped the rebirth of the nation.

Japan 2002 - By Ben Lyttleton, November 2003

"This Japan side has created a legacy for the future". As Ben Lyttleton explains, the changes implemented by Japan coach Philippe Troussier not only improved the performance of the national team in time for World Cup 2002, but also had an impact on the whole country and its culture.

Hungary 1953 - By Ben Lyttleton, November 2003

25 November 2003 marks the 50th anniversary of Hungary's 6-3 win over England at Wembley, the first time England ever lost at home to continental opposition. The game marked a watershed in the development of football and tactics in England, while the world took notice of the radical Hungary side.

Inter 1964 - By Ben Lyttleton, December 2003
Within four years of Internazionale president Angelo Moratti hiring Barcelona boss Helenio Herrera to coach his team in 1960, Inter had managed to win the European Cup final.

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